Manuscript Submission and Fees

Manuscript Submission:

All manuscripts must be submitted online through our web portal.

If you have not used this website before, you must register and make a new user account.  Submission process must be successfully completed before peer review can begin.

Successful online submission is acknowledged by an e-mail from the journal to the corresponding author. Please note that you will have 30 days to complete submission of your manuscript. After 30 days all partial submissions are automatically deleted and will no longer be available on our system.

Please note that upon successful submission of a manuscript, all coauthors will receive an automated e-mail confirming the submission. Please make sure all authorship issues regarding inclusion/exclusion and authorship order are resolved prior to submission. If the manuscript is accepted for publication, all coauthors will be contacted again with instructions for providing their copyright transfer signatures. Each coauthor will be required to register a user account, which they will use to provide an electronic signature from the Author Area. Coauthors’ signatures may be received at any time after the initial submission of the manuscript, but they are not required for peer review. Please keep in mind that an accepted manuscript will not be published in Keloid Research until all signatures are received within 30 days from the date of approval.

Manuscript submission fees:

There is a no fee for submitting to, or publishing manuscripts in Keloid Research.  Fees will apply for assistance with preparation or improvement of figures by professional illustrators. Manuscripts with any involvement by pharmaceutical or medical device companies will be assessed a fee.